Many of the TP Tools catalog-cover cars are housed in the TP Tools Auto Museum along with antiques and collectibles. You never know what will show up! (If you want to see a particular car, please call first to make sure it’s not on the road.)

Our car museum now has a 50's Replica Diner, 50s Soda Bar, Vintage Chocolate Malt Bar, 50's Buick Service Area, Country Stores, Vintage Gas Station, including motor oil bulk container, two different style gas pumps, and other decor.  When you visit our car museum you are stepping back into a time when gas stations were "service stations", not quick carry-out stores which do not have anyone to check your tires, clean your windshield, or fill your tank with fuel.  Recently added 50's Diner is 28' long and is the feature attraction of our car museum building #2. Our total collection is close to 50 antique and classic vehicles, all on display every Saturday.

* Please note that all of our vehicles are our private collection and are NOT FOR SALE.

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